Loewe Berlingo Coin Purse



Big decisions have been made at the headquarter of Loewe and not only their sites have been changed dramatically (less sophisticated with white background), also the new Fall Winter Collection lifted my eyebrows: ‘Where is Loewe going?’.

Modernized with Loewe’s logo printed all over the bags, by the way, have you spotted the new Loewe Amazona Bag with Anagrams Print yet? The Anagrams print is the new thing; if you love Loewe then you must adore this logo too. Ideal if you want to flaunt from your house to the main street.

But let’s talk about the new Loewe Berlingo Coin Purse first. As you might have noticed, we do not feature a lot ‘Coin Purse’. First I hate coins (they’re heavy and dirty), secondly nowadays everything fits nicely in a big wallet. But there are times that a coin purse can be handy, or you can take it as an extra accessory/fashion piece in your bag.

The Berlingo Coin Purse caught my attention – it’s the shape and colors that got me mesmerized. I love the clean design then finished with the Loewe logo stamp. The style is like a wrap, doesn’t it?

Crafted from smooth calfskin, refined with polished silver hardware, it’s measured 12,5 x 6,5 x 6 cm.


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Loewe Origami Cubo Bag



Every bag has its own ‘thing’, if you know what I mean. One is purely made to look classy, the other one is built to be strong and forever (no more baby-ing yeah…) and that one… that one… is because we just need it in our life – remember something being a woman means no-need-to-explain-our-actions, right?.

Well, the Loewe Amazona bag was made to symbolize our liberty (our, we, woman), but there hasn’t been a designer bag on the market that can be flattened and folded, just like a big towel. Does it fit in my bookshell?

It’s cleverly designed and roomy too, ideal for travelling as saves so much space. Perhaps I will buy two, one for my shoulder and one folded inside – in case of limited-space-crisis. Well, let’s bang some features shall we?

From the latest 2014 ‘Skin’ Collection, tada…the Loewe Origami Cubo Bag. So what’s new? Inspired by the geometric shape. Built with two handles to use as a carry-one and it comes with a bandolier strap of 40 cm. The French calf is finished with a burnishing technique; refined with a glossy look.

Measuring 24 x 22 x 23 cm, it comes in different colors; nude, black and brown. At Loewe boutique or e-store for $2.150 USD or €1.400. J’ adore, et toi?



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Loewe Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign


The best way to spot ‘what’s trending’ is to wait for the latest ad campaign. The Loewe Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign is featured again with Penelope Cruz, the pictures were shot in refreshing white and neutral colors for the upcoming season collection. There’s no one better at representing the label Loewe than Penelope, she expressed the beauty inside a Spanish woman.


For the new bag collection, set your eyes on the Amazona bag (of course, but expected!). This classic bag is fully decorated in white and gold hardware, clean and luxurious design for spring and summer. With four golden studs on the bottom and beautified with black lining. Wear it with your fresh-white outfit.

The other bags that Penelope modeled are the Aia, Pillow and cubo bags. All featuring new delight and subtle colors, perfect to deepen your feminine side.

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This Little Loewe Panda Might be the Cutest Coin Purse Ever



A lot of people have a particular type of animal on which they obsess. For me, it’s bulldogs – I prefer English, but a Frenchie will do in a pinch. I’ll cross the street and chase someone down in order to pet their bulldog, even if there’s oncoming traffic. For our operations director Shannon, it’s pandas. She may not have as many opportunities to pet random pandas on the way to the grocery store, her love for the lovable bears is still strong. She already has a panda case for her iPhone, and I think she should add this Loewe Panda Coin Purse to her collection next.

Adorableness usually isn’t a quality that I seek out in my leather goods and accessories, but when executed correctly, it’s incredibly hard for even me to resist some serious cuteness. Gucci has had a monopoly on animal-themed luxury coin purses (which are maybe even a whole genre unto themselves now) for the recent past, but this Loewe piece is not only seriously cute, but it’s a slightly uncharacteristic bit of humor for a brand that’s generally quite staid and maybe even a bit conservative.

Fashion can always use more humor, more recognition that perhaps not everyone in the industry is as self-serious as we often get the reputation for being, as long as we don’t lose the luxury along the way. This little panda is a perfect example of executing that combination beautifully. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $265.

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