Hermes Airsilk Bag


Hermes Airsilk Bag Hermes Airsilk Bag

Hermes Airsilk Bag is a new collection of very beautiful decorated with wonderful colors. This bag can be folded into a pocket and then it can easily be slipped into a bag of mini etc. This bag is very useful with many options and practical. Hermes Airsilk Bag has a long handle on the ottoman fabric straps for carrying hands effort and bring the shoulder more comfortable. This bag has a size of 50 x 24 cm. Bag is decorated with silk Cavalcadour printed technical and colour that is perfect with Barenia coated Palladium silver hardware and ottoman fabric strap. Very amazing isn’t it. Below are the latest collection from Hermes Airsilk Bag.

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Henri d’Origny curated Hermès’ Cape Cod timepiece back with a fresh take

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If you happen to be a watch aficionado, I am certain the Hermès’ Cape Cod Collection has caught your attention over the years. Since the past 25 years, the Henri d’Origny curated-timepiece collection manifests true discipline combined with a bold approach. Fast forward to 2017, the Parisian luxury brand brings you a fresh take on the Cape Cod collection.

If you’re a keen observer of the technicalities; visualize an opaque black DLC-treated 29 x 29 mm case, embedded in brushed 316L steel, a matt black dial with rhodium-plated raised Arabic numerals and ruthenium-coated hands, a stunning black Barenia calfskin strap, finished with red-burnished edges and a matte black DLC-treated brushed steel buckle.

Conclusion: Hermès’ Cape Cod is a robust male timepiece, ageless and perfect as his day-to-day comrade. Inculcated with a high precision quartz calibre, this watch sets the hours and minutes with the prestigious Swiss Made stamp.

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Hermès Grooming Bag



While not many of us can hold claim to owning horses (and by horses I mean the actual magnificent beasts and not anything from My Little Pony), this is one bag many of us sure wouldn’t mind owning for ourselves. Simply known as the Grooming Bag, part of Hermès’ equestrian line that’s focused on bags one would use whilst tending to their horses (again, I’m referring to the real four-legged animals), I can also see this bag used by both men and women. Besides being available in this stunning shade ofKhaki, it comes with multiple compartments as well.

For starters, there’s the main compartment that comes with a zip pocket and a removable inside pouch that’s also machine-washable. Then there is the additional pair of side pockets (one on each side of the bag) that’s a huge bonus. Made of hard-wearing, water-resistant canvas, the bag, which sports a pair of short top handles, also comes with additional shoulder sling that’s also removable, which all is all is just jaw-droppingly awesome as far as I’m concerned.

Guys can use the bag, which comes printed with the words ‘Hermes Sellier Paris’ printed across it, as an everyday tote great for the gym or quick weekend getaways; the girls can also do the same and/or use it as a diaper bag that’s frankly not too girly-girl, meaning their menfolk will no longer have excuses when asked to help out when baby is out and about.

Priced at USD1975 (which is around SGD2260 after conversion), the only information I’m lacking on this beauty is its actual size, its price in Singapore and if it is even available here. Which just means one thing. I’ll be popping down to Hermès Liat Towers tomorrow, so wish me (and my wallet) luck.

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Have you been looking for an oversized Hermes Bag? One that can handle one or two scratches and you wouldn’t get upset? Well, this might be an option, presenting the Hermes Fourre-Tout Du Cavalier Bag.

When we say oversized, we mean literally oversized. How many stuff do you have? A laptop for work? Or sport clothes for the gym? No problem, this bag can handle it.

You see, it’s crafted from Chevron Canvas with Cowhide leather detailing (you can see the leather on the handles and the shoulder strap). It features a removable basket and a detachable zipped pocket inside.

Carry the bag with the handles or clings a long strap for shoulder carry. The front is printed with the brand’s logo: ‘Hermes Sellier Paris’, can you say no to this?

Made with the Hermes Sellier Print, refined with saddle-covered seams, this bag measures 18’ x 14’ x 12’ (L x W x H). For as far as we know, there are two colors available, priced at $2800 USD via Hermes boutique.



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Hermès Liat: A Foreword By CEO Axel Dumas



After 15 months of intensive renovations, Hermès Liat, situated at 541 Orchard Road, will finally be open for business this Friday (20 May 2016), with open houses planned for the weekend on Saturday and Sunday to explore the metamorphosis of the Hermès store. Consider it a homecoming of sorts, one filled with anxiety and dreams, with fingers crossed for all the planning and construction going on, and now it’s finally done and you can’t wait to see it all in its full glory.

And while I haven’t been to the store yet (the media preview is slated for tomorrow), I do feel the need to share this with you, a foreword by CEO Axel Dumas that perfectly explains our tiny island state’s treasured relationship with the French luxury house, one that started way before we even had our first official store in the 70s and our very own replica of the Hermès firework-maker on horseback that sits on the roof of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, with 541 Orchard Road now being one of the few stores in the world to have this honour.

Enjoy the foreword, and stay tuned for more updates via Instagram and Snapchat bright and early tomorrow morning.

On each of my trips to Singapore, I am struck by the many paradoxes of the place. Its immaculate, tree-lined roads, its spectacular, infinitely modern skyline that seems ever evolving, its curious standing as a city-island-state, the colourful blend of cultures and languages and the natural coexistence of the traditional and the cosmopolitan. A city that is constantly on the move yet rooted in nature, Singapore perfectly epitomises Hermès’ theme for 2016: ‘Nature at Full Gallop.’

Hermès long ago recognised the attraction of Singapore as one of the world’s greatest trading centres, perfectly placed between East and West. Before we even dreamt of opening our first store on Orchard Road in the 1970s, there was a Hermès emissary who would travel to the city regularly and set up in the legendary Raffles Hotel to serve our eager customers.

This re-opening of our store at 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers is the expression of our commitment to Singapore, the region and our clientele, who have been faithful to Hermès for well over four decades. The expansion of the building offers more space for expressing the abundant diversity of our sixteen métiers. On the top floor, Aloft at Hermès, one of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès’ five art spaces around the world, reaffirms our belief in offering the community a unique place at the heart of Orchard Road to encounter and fall in love with art.

Atop the building, the Hermès firework-maker on horseback (a replica of the figure on the roof of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, created for the 150th anniversary of Hermès) holds aloft a pair of silk scarves fluttering in the wind, joyfully heralding a new chapter for Hermès in Singapore.

At Hermès, passion for the future and respect for the past are inextricably linked. Since 1837, six generations of my ancestors and Hermès artisans have devoted themselves to creating objects of the highest quality. From our beginnings as harness-makers to the rich medley of collections offered today, our founding values remain the same – creative freedom, fine craftsmanship, innovation and excellence. Yet our creations only truly come to life when they find an owner.

It is with great enthusiasm that we open our doors to you, our Singaporean friends and treasured customers, to share our newly extended home. I look forward to welcoming you all!

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