Gucci Special: Meet The New Season GG Marmont, Queen Margaret & Iside Bags



Gucci is constantly creating new stories season after season, through collections that harness an intricate mix of the everyday beautiful and inspired, then translated into gorgeous RTW and leather goods we see today. And for Pre-Fall 2017, Gucci has a number of key offerings as far as their leather bags are concerned, two of which are completely new lines, with the third a classic-in-the-making that we are all familiar with.

First, let’s start with the familiar, the GG Marmont. Identified by its bold brassy GG logo on the matelassé chevron leather body, the GG Marmontline is easily Alessandro Michele’s most iconic creation yet. A new-in for the season, the GG Marmont Leather Belt Bag (or bumbag) is a one that can be worn a myriad of ways all over your body. Coming in at a cute 18 cm wide and 11.5 cm high, it can be belted high on the waist, across the chest, over the shoulder, or even over your hip like a cute fanny pack. The other newer silhouettes within the GG Marmont range include the quilted leather backpack and quilted leather bucket bag that are no less cute and come in a wide array of colours as well.


Next, we see all-new designs in the Queen Margaret and Iside, both identifiable by their own statement-making icons – an ornately enamelled giant bee for the former and the feline head set within a rectangular clasp in the latter, an homage to the ancient Egyptian Goddess. The Queen Margaret, with its bamboo or leather top handles, comes finished with an accompanying leather strap or a tri-coloured canvas strap respectively. Available in two sizes, a Small (25 cm by 16.5 cm) and a Medium (32 cm by 20 cm), the Queen Margaret is a true statement maker and a definite head-turner in the best way possible.

Moving on to the third bag in this series, some of you may have noticed that while the Iside might look similar to the Queen Margaret in terms of the trapezoid shape, but that’s probably where the similarities end.


The Iside in Medium is slightly taller, coming in at 31 cm by 23 cm and features a curvaceous front flap dominated by the wavy pattern on the front. Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess with its enamelled Swarovskieyes and metallic gold elements, it is feminine and sensual, like the goddess. The Iside series comes in three finishes, a #GGSupreme with leather trim, a leather and snakeskin mix, as well as a full snakeskin one that’s embellished with floral embroidery. In addition, each bag is furnished with an extra chain sling shoulder strap, giving you one of 3 different ways to carry this stunning beauty.

Distinctively different, yet all charming in their own right, which of the three (or all three) is your favourite(s)?

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Gucci’s Exclusive Handbags and Accessories Sold Out Almost Immediately


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Gucci Icon Wallet On Strap




You love Gucci, you adore icons and you’re crazy about mini bags. Introducing the new Gucci Icon Wallet On Strap. The size of an oversized wallet, beautifully made in leather, yes instead of Wallet on Chain, let’s call it Wallet on Strap.

When we write something about Gucci, it got to be perfect. I mean near perfect, just like the Gucci Jacky Soft Flap Bag – Classic, Timeless and absolutely irresistible.

The fine Italian craftsmanship is actually only the starter, the Gucci Icon Wallet on Strap feels butterly soft and luxurious, this accessory is well worth your investment. Choose your favorite color; rose beige, coral, light yellow or take the classic black. Made with a front-flap and a signature double G on the front that works like a snap button closure, refined with light-fine gold hardware. The interior is quite rich, featuring a zip pocket and ten card slots, ideal for the evenings. It comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap to carry cross body, or remove the shoulder strap to turn it into a wallet or a night-clutch.

Measuring 7.4’ x 3.9’ x 1.3’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $730 USD via Gucci e-store.


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Spring calls for 18th century Tian print shoes by Gucci

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Gucci shoes (1)

Gucci shoes (2)
It is attractive, and also looks comfortable. But it’s Gucci so it will not come cheap. The slip-on sneakers cost $550. This is not the first time that Gucci has taken inspiration from social studies. Time will tell how this latest design will trend.
Gucci shoes (3)

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Chanel Emily Guccissima Large Chain Shoulder Bag
Size: 11.8” x 7.1” x 3.3” inches (W x H x D)
Price: $1,590 USD, €1,890 EUR


Oh boy, what do we have here? It’s the Gucci Emily Guccissima Chain Shoulder Bag, another one-of-a-kind piece that’s sure to make any city girl’s heart melt! Beautifully constructed, the Emily Guccissima comes in two sizes to choose from, so depending on your preference and need for space, you may want to consider one with an ample size.





Both sizes come in signature Guccissima leather with trim, side flap closure with embossed Gucci trademark detail and light gold hardware which provides a stark (yet beautiful contrast). Inside, it even has pockets for storage – you have to give it to the luxury brand for keeping up with your needs for organization. Way to go, Gucci!

These babies also come with chain straps, but the Large variation has double the fun (with leather shoulder panels). More bling, more possibilities!

Get your very own Emily Guccissima Chain Shoulder Bag now via Gucci e-store.



Chanel Emily Guccissima Mini Chain Shoulder Bag
Size: 11.8” x 7.1” x 3.3” inches (W x H x D)
Price: $1,200 USD, €890 EUR

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Gucci Dionysus Blooms Small Cerise Shoulder Bag
Size: 11’ x 7’ x 3.5’ inches (W x H x D)
Price: $2,490 USD, €1,980 EUR

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Some flowers to brighten up your mood, ladies! Today, we’re giving you some Gucci – the Dionysus Blooms Shoulder Bag is a stunning addition to any collection, and we’re just about to show you why!

Some weeks ago, we featured some of Dionysus bags in all their glory. You can click on the link below so you could check them out for yourself!

READ: Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Made with only the finest Blooms printed leather, this variation of the Dionysus has a textured tiger head spur closure that’s central to the line. It has a sliding chain strap that can be worn multiple ways, so if you’re up for getting a shoulder piece and top handle in one, then no problemo!

Inside, it’s even better – it has an interior zippered compartment, which gives you some more space to organize all of your stuff. What’s not to love about the Blooms Shoulder Bag? Our point, exactly.

You can get your very own Dionysus Blooms Shoulder Bag via Gucci e-store.





Gucci Dionysus Blooms Small Emerald Shoulder Bag
Size: 11’ x 7’ x 3.5’ inches (W x H x D)
Price: $2,490 USD


Gucci Dionysus Blooms Medium Emerald Shoulder Bag
Size: 12’ x 8’ x 4’ inches (W x H x D)
Price: $2,700 USD, €2,200 EUR


Gucci Dionysus Blooms Medium Cerise Shoulder Bag
Size: 12’ x 8’ x 4’ inches (W x H x D)
Price: $2,700 USD

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