Fendi QuTweet Capsule Collection



While others are trying to blend fashion with technology, Fendi is trying to mix fashion with cartoons. And uh, they are doing quite a good job.

The bag bugs consist of faces like angry and sad, but if you like to have more ‘cute’ and ‘smiley’ in your life, then well, please meet the Fendi Qutweet Capsule Collection.

Tweet tweet!

My favorite, the Demi jours handbag printed with a bird face. I love the round eyes, the red nose and the yellow eye-brows. And the strap on the center, its a birdy mouth. Oeps, I think it wants a cuddle.

Then the iconic Fendi Petite 2jours in multicolours like red/pink and fuchsia or in blue, beige and gray. If you take your time and look closely, you will see a bird. How artful!

Clutches and wallets are also available with face expression of super cute birds. Some of them remind me of the game ‘Angry Bird’.

These bags are seasonal and if you have already enough classics in your wardrobe, it’s a good thing to diversify your portfolio with cartoon-printed handbags.

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Fendi Pop-up Store at Galeries Lafayette Previews Latest QuTweet Collection


Exclusive to Galeries Lafayette, Fendi will be showcasing is latest capsule collection entitled “QuTweet”. These bags are featured in the Cruise 2015 Lookbook. The preview is currently available from October 13th to November 10th 2014 at Galeries Lafayette on 40 Boulevard Haussmann. There are a few notable pieces featured including a multicolored python 2Jours tote and the new Monster shopping tote bags.  The collection is expected to be available for the Holiday season starting late December 2014, pre-orders are currently being accepted at Bergdorf Goodman.


Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 8

Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 4Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 3Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 2Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 1Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 5Fendi Cruise 2015 Bag Collection QuTweet Preview - 6

Source: Fendi

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Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag



Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag
in Pale Yellow for €610 at 

This post is written for the ultimate Fendi fans, those who cannot leave their house without the 2jours tote – the ideal everyday bag, with surprisingly large space en recognized by the vintage-frame with the brand’s signature on it.

You see, we have found the shoulder bag version and it’s in the mini size too, super cute. The elements are obviously inspired by the iconic 2jours tote like the golden frame on the front flap, very feminine, very modern.

At times when the Fendi 2jours tote needs to stay home because it’s too big and heavy for the parties. Or when you just don’t feel like carrying large bags, then move quickly and switch over to the Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag. Compare it to the Chanel Wallet on Chain Collection, it’s a can’t-miss item for your wardrobe right?

You need to know that the Fendi Mini Rush Bag comes with a thin chain strap, just large enough to look fabulous on your right shoulder. The Mini Rush like to company you when your style is casual-meet-elegant, you know, your favorite street-chic outfit. But what you will love the most is that the shape of the bag – it’s not like a wallet, that would be too small. It has a round shape, purposely made to enlarge the interior so you can carry all your necessities, including your daily essentials.

The Fendi Mini Rush Bag didn’t come as a surprise, because we had already spotted the 2-jours inspired clutch bag some time ago. We had also featured this bag at BRAGMYBAG, like our Facebook page so you will always be ahead of the trend.

A complete classic mini bag with Fendi logo embossed on the hardware, especially the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. And the colors are to-die-for, you like pale-lemon, powder pink, snake black or pale spearmint. Measuring 4.75′ x 6.25′ x 2′ (L x W x D), available at Mytheresa for €610 in calf leather and €680 in snakes skin.


Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag
in Black Snake for €680 at 


Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag
in Pink Snake for €680 at 


Fendi Mini Rush Shoulder Bag
in Pale Spearmint for €610 at 

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Fendi 3jours Tote with Shearling Handles



Fendi likes to play, we already know that by now. Have you seen the ‘Bag Bugs Collection’ yet? It’s going to return in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, but that’s another story that we will be sharing later on.

Personally, I lean more toward the ‘classics’ and the ‘timeless’ bags, preferable embellished with grown-up elements. I do not mind a little twist or two though, if it can make it more playful but without losing its edge. And that’s what the new Fendi 3jours Tote is all about, one little modification and the style has shift in 180 degrees.

You are probably already familiar with the Fendi 2jours tote, the most iconic bag of the brand, the Fendi 3jours inherited almost the same elements, and the only major differences are those extended wings. We understand, if Fendi 2jours is not roomy enough, go a level higher, and take the Fendi 3jours tote instead.

The shearling handles are purposely painted with bright colors, there’s no way anyone can miss them, the first thing your eyes want to look at is not the shape nor the design, but the handles – black and white, red and yellow, grey and orange, beige and pink. It’s like a fairy tale bag.

Measuring 12′ x 11′ x 6.25′ (W x H x D), prices are not yet published. But the Fendi 3jours tote should be retailing around $2550 USD.




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FENDI x Hiroshi Senju for Waterfall Baguette Bag


I have literally lost counts, how many times the Fendi Baguette has been reshaped, reprinted, embroidered, painted and fringed. But nothing compares to what FENDI is about to do. The collaboration with the Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju, the baguette went through a full make-over – personalized by Hiroshi’s unique style. He is famous for making large scale waterfall paintings by mixing simplicity, pureness with black and white.

The Fendi Baguette in art form is a limited edition that everyone will love. It will be first presented at openings day of Fendi’s first store in Munich.

The shoulder strap is made thin and white while the front locker is decorated like crystals. The front is painted all black, but if you turn the Baguette around, you will see a waterfall kind-of painting – powder white overshadowing the color black. The price is yet to be announced, but it generally retails between €1.000 – €1.500 euro. We will keep you informed.


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Fendi Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign: Sunset Elegance


FENDI searched for Nadja Bender to become the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest work. The Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign was all hers, photographed in a water-flowing-window background, you will find the most desiring spicy red colors in the NEXT season. Blue, white and black are blended together and spit out to make beautiful pret-a-porter; clean, detailed and elegant.

You will get ‘double’ mesmerized by the attractive bright shades painted on iconic accessories like the world-famous peek-a-boo tote, the long-time number one 2jours tote and even in the cutest ‘petit’ version.

Your favorite Be Baguette shoulder bags(the upgrade version of the original Baguette collection) are in multi colored, crafted in woven nappa and raffia with leather chain strap. Finished with the iconic FF clasp.

Time-travel with the NEW Sandals, with layered iridia PVC radiant from yellow to orange and red, exactly the same colors you will expect from a sunset. Then embellished with lacquered double heels and covered with white patent leather to create the necessary impact that any woman desires.

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