Celine Belt Bag Sizes Explained Plus Pros And Cons


So if you want to learn more about Celine Belt bag sizes and the differences between them, take a look here.

I think the main problem here is that different fashion sites and replica sites name these sizes differently.

There are already two Celine Belt bag replica reviews on the blog. One of them is really good and one of them is bad and the ironic thing is that both of them were bought from the same replica site, Bagaholics. You can already read more about how to spot a fake Celine Belt bag based on the serial number and a real vs fake Celine Belt bag comparison. So I’d say that anyone who is interested in this Celine replica can find enough information to make a good decision.

Celine Belt Bag How To Wear

The Celine Belt Bag Is A Versatile Bag

Celine Belt Bag Sizes

The only thing that was missing were the details on the Celine Belt bag sizes. There are not many details about this online, so here is what I was able to find out.

There are actually only two Celine Belt bag sizes:

Celine Mini Belt Bag – Size: 11′ x 9′ x 6′ inches

Celine Small Belt Bag – Size: 12′ x 9′ x 9′ inches

There is a site that mentions a third Celine Belt bag size, the Celine Medium Belt Bag with the following dimensions: 12.2′ x 9.44′ x 7.9′ inches. But this is not an official Celine size.

But don’t get fooled by their name. Because the difference between the two Celine Belt bag sizes is just an inch, so the Celine Mini Belt bag is not really a small bag. It is actually like the Celine Mini Luggage, a large tote. The good part is that it’s a bit less wide than the regular Belt bag.

I also took a look at some of my favorite sites for Celine knockoff bags to see what Celine Belt bag sizes they have in stock right now.

Some knockoff handbags sites don’t even mention the Celine Belt bag sizes they have in store. Some will feature Celine “classic” Belt tote and Mini, some will say “Celine Belt Original” and others will say Celine Belt bag and Celine Small Belt bag. It’s very confusing to tell the Celine Belt bag sizes based on these descriptions, which is why you need to check the dimensions if you want to figure out what size that bag actually is.

But there’s no need to panic, the truth is that there are no big differences between these sizes. Like I said, the Mini is will 1″ smaller in width than the original Celine Belt tote. The original Small Belt tote is actually the classic Belt bag and it’s 12′ x 9′ x 9′ inches. So don’t let this confuse you. Call it Small, call it regular, original or classic: it’s actually the same Celine Belt bag size!

Celine Mini Belt Bag Removable Strap

Celine Mini Belt Bag Comes With A Shoulder Strap

But an important difference I think is that the Mini sizes comes with a shoulder strap while the Small doesn’t.

The only site that mentions the Celine Medium Belt bag is bragmybag.com. But other than this, all major fashion sites say there are two Celine Belt bag sizes and the official Celine site confirms it. So the two official sizes for this Celine bag are the Small and the Mini!

Now let’s see, why isn’t the Celine Belt bag as popular as the Mini Luggage or the Phantom? Well, many women say that it’s impractical even if it’s such a beautiful bag. The closure of the flap makes it difficult to open and close, which doesn’t make it the best choice for daily use. Others say that the closure doesn’t really bother you once you get used to it. It’s a matter of perspective. Still, many agree on the fact that even though they are tired of Celine, they would buy the Belt bag because it’s more understated.

Celine Belt Bag Pros and Cons

Pros: lightweight, spacious, understated, removable shoulder strap – only for the Mini, sturdy, holds its shape well, versatile.

Cons: no zipper pocket in the interior, annoying flap closure, hard to access; if you get it in smooth leather, it scratches easily; not very functional.

Celine Belt Bag Inside View

Celine Belt Bag Interior Has No Zipper Pocket

Celine Belt Bag Button Closure

Celine Belt Bag Closure Complaints

Hope this information will help you decide if this bag is right for you or not. Let me know if you need any more information!

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Hello, ladies! Let’s start the week with a bang, shall we? Allow us to make you fall head-over-heels with the Celine Belt Bag – one of the luxury brand’s classic favorites, with a twist for Fall Winter 2015. I mean, the craftsmanship on this thing exceeds expectations, don’t you think? It’s worth a second (or a third… or a fourth…) look after all!

Every season, Celine takes their bag designs up a notch and features some beautiful variations to choose from. For the classic gals who want to keep it on the low, the smooth calfskin version is for you! If you’re feeling kind of textured and all, then the grained calfskin will do just the trick.

From the collection, the exotic leather take got our attention the most – blame it on the python! It’s really an exquisite bag to have, don’t you think? We’re sure you can rock it like nobody’s business.

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Stay tuned for more updates about these bags (and others) soon!




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